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maolaigh, v.t. & i. 1. Make, become, bare or bald. Do cheann a mhaolú, to crop one’s hair close. Tá a mhullach ag maolú, he is getting bald on top. Long a mhaolú, to unrig, dismantle, a ship. Ag maolú na gcnoc, denuding the hills. 2. Blunt, become blunt. Lann a mhaolú, to blunt a blade. 3. Lower, flatten. Stua a mhaolú, to depress an arch. Seolta a mhaolú, to shorten sails. Mhaolaigh an t-asal a chluasa, the donkey flattened its ears. Tá an ghrian ag maolú siar, the sun is declining to the west. 4. (a) Decrease, slacken, moderate. Luas a mhaolú, to reduce speed. Tá a choiscéim ag maolú, his pace is slackening. (b) Abate, calm. Mhaolaigh an stoirm, the storm abated. Tá a chuid feirge ag maolú, his anger is subsiding. Mhaolaigh sé go mór, he calmed down a lot. (c) Allay, assuage. Pian a mhaolú, to alleviate pain. Amhras a mhaolú, to lull suspicion. Ocras a mhaolú, to allay hunger. Buille, drochscéal, a mhaolú do dhuine, to soften a blow, bad news, for s.o. (d) Modify. Ráiteas a mhaolú, to qualify a statement; to take the sting out of a statement. (e)Jur: Mitigate. Breith, pionós, a mhaolú, to mitigate a judgment, a penalty. Dlí a mhaolú, to relax a law. (f)El: Damp. Tonnta a mhaolú, to damp waves. 5. (Of tone, colour) Soften, flatten. Do ghuth a mhaolú, to lower, soften, one’s voice. Mus:Nóta a mhaolú, to flatten a note. Dath a mhaolú, to tone down a colour. 6. (a) Lower, depress. Meanma duine a mhaolú, to lower s.o.’s spirits. Mhaolaigh a mhisneach, his courage waned. (b) Dull, stupefy. Intleacht a mhaolú, to dull an intellect. Mhaolaigh sé mo chéadfaí, it dulled my senses. Ag maolú m’intinne leis, blunting my mind with it. 7. (With ar) Diminish, lessen. Maolú ar bhrón, to lighten sorrow. Mhaolaigh ar an ngaoth, the wind fell. Nuair a mhaolaigh ar a chuid feirge, when his anger subsided. Jur:Maolú ar choir, to extenuate an offence.
Géarú, maolú, luais, increase, decrease, in speed.
~ stoirme, ar stoirm, abatement of storm.
~ feirge, mollification of anger.
~ ar luas, slackening of speed.
~ ar phian, alleviation of pain.
~ bróin, lessening of sorrow.
~ buille, absorption of blow.
~ teasa, reduction of heat.
~ damáistí, mitigation of damages.
~ ar nóta, flattening of note.
~ meanman, depression of spirits.
~ intinne, dulling of mind.
~ criticiúil, critical damping.
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