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Similar words: eabhar · meabhlaire · imleabhar · machaire · meabhraigh
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meabhair could be a grammatical form of: eabhar »
meabhair, f. (gs. -bhrach).1. Mind, memory. Is ~ liom (go), I recollect (that). Tá ~ mhaith agam air, I remember it well. Tá an dán de mheabhair aige, he has the poem off by heart. 2. Mind, intellect; power of thought; attention. ~ chinn, intelligence, understanding. ~ a chaitheamh le rud, to give one’s mind to sth. Bíodh ~ agat ar do chuid oibre, keep your mind on your work. Do mheabhair a chruinniú, to collect one’s thoughts. 3. Consciousness, awareness. (a)Do mheabhair a chailleadh, to lose consciousness. Bheith gan mheabhair, to be senseless, unconscious. Tháinig a mheabhair chuige, he regained consciousness. Bhí a mheabhair go deireadh aige, he was conscious to the end. (b)~ a chailleadh ar rudaí, to lose awareness, to become forgetful, of things; to wander in one’s thoughts. Níl ~ aige cad é atá sé a dhéanamh, he doesn’t know what he is doing. 4. Mind, reason. Bheith ar do mheabhair, to be in one’s right mind, in one’s sober senses. As do mheabhair, out of one’s mind, insane. Chuaigh sé as a mheabhair, dá mheabhair, he lost his reason. Ná cuir as a mheabhair é, don’t drive him to distraction. Tá mé as mo mheabhair acu, they are sending me crazy. A mheabhair a bhaint de dhuine, to deprive s.o. of his senses. 5. Sensation, feeling. Le ~ na méar, by sense of finger-touch. 6. Sense, meaning. ~ a bhaint as rud, to find a meaning in sth., to draw an inference from sth. Is é an mheabhair a bhainim as (go), my understanding of it is (that). 7. Mind, intention. Is ~ liom labhairt leis, I have it in mind to speak to him.
Gan mheabhair gan ~, without sense or feeling; unconscious.
Tá sé as a mheabhair, he is out of his mind.
Chaith mé meabhair leis, I gave thought to it. (iii) (Of treatment)
Do mheabhair, do smaointe, a chruinniú, to collect one’s wits, thoughts.
Chuirfidís as do mheabhair thú, they would drive you out of your wits.
Tá sé as a mheabhair ina ~, he is mad about her.
~ meabhrach, forgetfulness.
~ mheabhrach, mental deficiency.
D’~ air go raibh sé as a mheabhair ar fad, he became more and more enraged until he lost his senses completely.
Tá sé ~ as a mheabhair, he has gone clean out of his mind.
Bheith i do bheatha, i do shláinte, i do mheabhair, to be alive, in good health, in one’s senses.
Ná h~ as do mheabhair, don’t take leave of your senses.
Bheith ~ i rudaí a tharla, to be mindful of things that happened.
Duine ~, deep-thinking, intelligent, person.
Tréimhse mheabhrach, period of consciousness; lucid interval.
~ mheabhrach, scríofa, mental, written, computation.
Níl ~ (mheabhrach) aige, he is witless.
Bhí a mheabhair ag teacht dó, he was recovering his wits.
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