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Similar words: malairt · altair · amhailt · clamhairt · malairtigh
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mhalairt could be a grammatical form of: malairt »
Cé ab fhearr é ná a mhalairt? Was it any better than anything else?
Ní dhlífinn a mhalairt díot, I would expect nothing else from you.
Ní h~ dó a athrach, a mhalairt, he knows no better.
Ní ~fainn a mhalairt, I wouldn’t ask for any better.
Bladh gan mhalairt, undying fame.
Ar mhalairt intinne, tuairime, of a different mind, opinion.
Tá a mhalairt de chúram orm, I have something else to attend to.
Níl a mhalairt le déanamh agam, there is nothing else I can do.
Is é a mhalairt a dúirt sé, he said quite the opposite.
Tá sé ar mhalairt de scéal anois, now he has a different tale to tell.
Ní raibh a mhalairt le fáil agam, there was nothing else I could get.
Níor chuala mé a mhalairt, I heard nothing to the contrary.
Ní iarrfainn a mhalairt, there is nothing I would like better.
Ní raibh súil lena mhalairt agam, it was just as I expected.
Ní hé do mhalairt a bhí ann, it was none other than yourself.
Is fearr é ná a mhalairt, it is better than nothing.
A mhalairt ar fad, quite the contrary.
Fuair mé ar mhalairt scine é, I got it in exchange for a knife.
De, mar, mhalairt ar rud, in exchange for sth., in preference to sth.
Níor thaithigh sé a mhalairt, he was not used to anything else.
Níor thuar mé a mhalairt duit, I knew it would happen to you.
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