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píce, m. (gs. ~, pl. -cí).1. Mil: Pike. Troid phící, pike battle. 2. Agr: Fork. ~ dhá bheann, two-pronged fork. ~ féir, hayfork; forkful of hay. 3. Nau:(a) Peak. I b~ a chéile, (of boats) peak to peak, line abreast. ~ seoil, peak of sail. (b) Sprit. Bain an ~ as an seol, take the sprit out of the sail (to lower it). 4. (Of cap) Peak. S.a. bairéad 2, síle. 5. ~ gaoithe, strong wind.
~ píce, peaked cap.
Seol a chur i m~ píce, to peak a sail.
Tá sé i m~ píce, it is as high as it can go.
~ foirc, píce, prong of fork.
Píce dhá bheann, two-pronged fork.
~ píce, peak cap.
~ píce, spáide, speile, handle of pike, of spade, of scythe.
Píce dhá ~, two-pronged fork.
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