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pictiúr, m. (gs. & npl. -úir, gpl. ~). Picture. 1. (Of painting, drawing) ~ a dhéanamh de rud, to draw a picture of sth. ~ beannaithe, holy picture. Leabhar ~, picture-book. Gailearaí na b~, the picture gallery. 2. Phot:~ duine a tharraingt, a thógáil, to take a picture of s.o. 3. Cin:Dul chuig ~, to go to a picture. Teach ~, picture-house, cinema. 4. Image. Is é ~ a athar é, he is the image of his father. Is tú ~ an chéalacain, you are the picture of misery. 5. (Of beautiful person) Is í an ~ mná í, she is a remarkably fine woman. (Var:pictiúir m, gs. pictiúra)
~ pictiúir, fuinneoige, picture, window, frame.
Pictiúr a chrochadh ar bhalla, to hang a picture on a wall.
Pictiúr, mapa, a chúláil, to back a picture, a map.
Triantán, léaráid, pictiúr, dealbh, a dhéanamh, to make a triangle, a drawing, a picture, a statue.
Pictiúr a dhéanamh de rud, to draw, paint, a picture of sth.
~ dorais, fuinneoige, pictiúir, frame of door, of window, of picture.
Pictiúr a ghlacadh, to take a picture.
Pictiúr ~, profile (drawing).
Pictiúr ~ de dhuine, full-length picture of s.o.
Pictiúr ~e, full-size picture.
~ pictiúr, picture-book.
Leabhar a mhaisiú le pictiúir, to illustrate a book with pictures.
1. ~ de phictiúr, print of picture.
~ i bpictiúr, shading in picture.
Pictiúr duine a tharraingt, (i) to draw a picture of s.o., (ii)
~ pictiúir ar scáileán, projection of picture on screen.
~ pictiúr, scannán, picture-, cine-, projector.
Pictiúr a thógáil, to take a picture.
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