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saoirse1, f. (gs. ~).Lit: Craftsmanship, workmanship, art.
saoirse2, f. (gs. ~). Freedom. 1. Lit: Status of freeman; nobility. ~ cineáil, nobility of race. 2. Liberty, independence. ~ na tíre, the freedom of the country. ~ cainte, freedom of speech. ~ coinsiasa, liberty of conscience. ~ an duine, human freedom; personal liberty. 3. Immunity, exemption. ~ ó chánacha, exemption from taxes. ~ ar dhualgas, freedom from an obligation. ~ fónaimh, exemption from service. 4. Lit: Privilege. Cinseal agus ~, power and privilege. 5. Honorary privilege. ~ na cathrach, the freedom of the city. 6. Cheapness, inexpensiveness.
Saoirse ar bhuannacht bhunaidh ag lucht tí Uí Néill, O’Neill’s household to be free from prescriptive billeting.
C~ na Saoirse, War of Independence.
Saoirse chreidimh, religious freedom.
~ na saoirse, na teanga, na síochána, the cause of freedom, of the language, of peace.
Ceart, saoirse, cúrsaí, an ~, human right, freedom, affairs.
~ na saoirse, na teanga, an lucht oibre, the freedom, language, labour, movement.
H~ na Saoirse, Liberty Hall.
~ na saoirse, mastery of the art of building.
~ saoirse, master mason.
~ saoirse, master-craftsman.
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