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scíth1, f. (gs. ~e).1. Tiredness, fatigue. Do ~ a chur díot, to rest oneself. 2. Rest. Do ~ a dhéanamh, a ligean, to take a rest. Tabhair ~ do do theanga, do do chnámha, give your tongue, your bones, a rest. ~ nóna, siesta.
scíth2, a1. 1 = scítheach. 2. Lit: Dejected, sad.
Scíth a dhéanamh i m~ an lae, to rest in the middle of the day.
Is ~ liom mo scíth a ligean, I like to rest myself.
Níl ~ amach ar an scíth, there is nothing better than a rest.
Gan scíth gan ~, without rest or cessation.
Dá bhfaighinn tamall scíthe, if I were to get a spell of rest.
le) Ní ~ liom mo scíth a ligean, I feel I must rest.
Scíth, do shuaimhneas, a ghlacadh, to take a rest, one’s ease.
7. Do scíth a ~ean, to give oneself a rest.
~ gach scíth, a tired person is always irritable.
Dhéanfadh an scíth ~ mhór duit, the rest would do you a lot of good.
Suigh ~ go raibh do scíth déanta agat, sit until you have rested yourself.
~ scíthe, a week’s rest.
~ scíthe, rest-room.
~ do scíth, rest yourself.
Níl ~ scíthe agam, I haven’t time to rest.
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