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stéig, f. (gs. ~e, pl. ~eacha).1. (a)(Of flesh, meat) Slice. ~eacha bagúin, slices of bacon. Bain ~ den chliathán, take a slice off the side. Gearr ina ~eacha é, cut it in slices. Béim ~e a bhaint as rud, to take a chunk out of sth. (b) Strip. ~ leathair, strip of leather. Craiceann na talún a bhaint ina ~eacha, to remove the surface of the land in strips. 2. Steak. ~ mhairteola, beefsteak. ~ chaoldroma, sirloin-steak. ~ easna, rib-steak. ~ gheadáin, rump-steak. ~ mháis, round steak. 3. (a) Gut, intestine. An ~ bheag, the small intestine. An ~ mhór, the large intestine. Cuir sin i do ~, eat that up. (b)(pl.) Guts, entrails. Bainfidh siad na ~eacha as a chéile, they will knock the stuffing out of one another. 4. ~ (thalún), patch of bleak barren land. 5. ~ (de dhuine), thin miserable-looking person. (Var:pl. ~eanna; stéic f)
~ stéige, intestinal stoppage.
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