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tánaiste, m. (gs. ~, pl. -tí).1. (a)Hist: Tanist, heir presumptive. (b)Pol: Deputy prime minister. 2. Second in rank or dignity; next in order. ~ an aba, the next in rank to the abbot. Is é is ~ duit, he is next in order to you; he is a close second to you. 3. ~ fir, strong resolute man. 4. Third finger. 5. (a)I d~ do, next to, almost. Tá sé i d~ dom in aois, he is nearly as old as I am. Tá sé i d~ do bheith chomh maith leat, he is practically as good as you are. Chuaigh tú i d~ dó, you very nearly did it; you had a narrow shave. (b)Rith sé i d~ a anama, he ran for dear life. 6. (gs. as attrib.a.)An fear ~, the second man. Pearsa ~, second person. An Solamh ~, the second Solomon, another Solomon.
Rith sé lena ~; rith sé i mbarr, i dtánaiste, ar theann, a ~a, he ran for his life.
~ príomhúil, tánaiste, primary, secondary, coil.
~ tánaiste, second best trump, manille.
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