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tóg as, v.t. 1. Lift, raise, out of. ~ as an uisce é, lift it out of the water. ~adh as láthair a bhonn é, he was lifted clean off his feet. Is beag an méid a thógfadh as an anás iad, very little would relieve them from want. Thógfadh sé na mairbh as an uaigh, it would raise the dead from their graves. Níor thóg sé ceann as an obair ar feadh an lae, he remained bent over his work all day. 2. (a) Take out of, take from. Thóg sé céad punt as a chuntas reatha, he took one hundred pounds out of his current account. ~ as mo bhealach iad, take them out of my way. ~ as béal gearrtha é, take it from the cutting-face, from the beginning. (b)~adh as é, he was spirited away; he is very precocious. 3. Infer from.
Tóg as a ~ é, take it out of his reach.
Tóg as mo bhealach é, take it out of my way.
Tóg an cheárta sin as mo bhealach, take that junk out of my way.
Tóg as ~ a chéile, ceann as ~, iad, take them one by one (from the beginning), as they come.
Tóg amach as seo ~, take them away out of here.
Tóg as mo shlí é, take it out of my way.
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