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tóg le, v.t. & i. 1. Lift by means of. ~ le teanchair é, lift it with a pincers. 2. Raise against. Thóg sé a dhorn liom, he raised his fist to me. 3. Use at. Dua a thógáil le rud, to take trouble to do sth. 4. Take by. Patrún a thógáil le rud, to take pattern by sth. 5. Take to; be attracted, excited, by. Bheith ~tha le rud, to be taken up with sth. Thóg an madra leis na páistí láithreach, the dog took to the children immediately. Tá siad ~tha i gceart le chéile, they are very much attracted to one another. 6. Take away. ~ leat é, take it away. Go dtóga an diabhal leis é! The devil take him! Thóg an diabhal leis iad, they are gone to the devil. 7. ~adh leis, he was upended. S.a. tóg 4.
Glac, tóg, d’~ leis, take your time at it.
~ le tógáil, le hiompar, unwieldy to lift, to carry.
Le tógáil ar ~, to be taken fasting.
Tá mala ~ le tógáil againn, we have a steep hill to climb.
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