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thíos could be a grammatical form of: tíos »
thíos, adv. & a. (Of position) Down. 1. (a) In lower place. ~ ar an trá, sa ghleann, faoin droichead, ag béal na habhann, down on the strand, in the glen, below the bridge, at the mouth of the river. ~ i bpoll, ina phóca, faoin talamh, down in a hole, in his pocket, under the ground. ~ an staighre, downstairs. Na seomraí ~, the rooms below. An áit ~, the place below; hell. Níl siad le feiceáil ~ ná thuas, they are nowhere to be seen. Dar a bhfuil ~ is thuas, by all that is holy (and unholy). Níor fhág sí ~ ná thuas air é, she gave him a proper dressing-down. Déanfaidh mé é, bíodh ~ thuas, I’ll do it no matter what happens. S.a. fear11(a).(b) In position regarded as lower. An ceann ~ den bhord, the lower end of the table. ~ i gceann an halla, down at the lower end of the hall. 2. In the north. ~ i Málainn, north in Malin. 3. Below, farther on in book, etc. Mar atá ráite ~, as stated below. 4. Written down, entered (in ledger, etc.). Tá sé ~ sa leabhar aige, he has it entered in the book. An bhfuil sin ~ agat? Have you that written down? 5. On the fire. Tá an citeal ~ agam, I have the kettle on. 6. Prostrate, in lowly state; at loss, suffering, oppressed. Mise a bhí ~ leis, I had to pay for it, to bear the consequences. Bhí mo phóca ~ leis, I was out of pocket by it. Ní raibh mé ~ ná thuas leis, I neither lost nor gained by it. Ní hé atá ~ leis ach a pháistí, it is not he who has to suffer for it but his children. Bheith ~ seal thuas seal, to have one’s ups and downs. S.a. cos 1.
~ thíos, far down.
Tá siad istigh, amuigh, thíos, thuas, trína chéile, they are within, without, below, above, mixed up.
Thug sé a g~ don fhear thíos, he told them to go to blazes.
An té a bhíos thíos buailtear ~ air, the lowly is sure to be oppressed.
An ~ thíos, the lower world.
Is mé a ~adh (thíos) leis, I was let in for it.
Thíos ~n urlár, down under the floor.
An F~ Thíos, an ~ dubh, ~ na n-adharc, ~ na gcrúb, the Devil.
Níl siad le ~eáil thíos ná thuas, they are nowhere to be seen.
Bhí ~ phrátaí thíos aici, she was roasting a batch of potatoes in the ashes.
Thíos ar ~, down below, down at the bottom.
Ní ~ ná uasal ach thíos seal thuas seal, everyone has his ups and downs in life.
Thíos ar an ~, down on the mud-flats.
~ in íochtar agus ~ in uachtar; ~ thíos agus ~ thuas; ~ istigh agus ~ amuigh, underarm and overarm grip.
Thíos sa ~, down in the hollow.
~ atá thíos leis, we are the losers by it.
Is é an ~ a bhí thíos leis, the innocent had to suffer for it.
An cladach ~ thíos, this shore below.
1. An teach ~ thíos, that house down below.
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