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tráth, m. (gs. ~a, pl. ~anna; npl. ~a & gpl. ~used in certain phrases).1. Hour; time, occasion; day, period. An ~ seo den lá, this hour of the day. An ~ den oíche is ansa leo, the time of night they like best. An ~ sin den bhliain, (at) that time of year. I d~ a bpósta, at the time of their marriage. Tá ~ éirí ann, it is time to get up. Is ~ imeachta dom. it is time for me to go. Ní ~ moille é, it is no time for delay. Bhí a d~ ann, they had their day. Má tháinig a thráth, if his hour has come. Go ceann naoi d~, for nine days. Trí thráth gan chodladh, three days and nights without sleep. Ó thráth go a chéile, (i) from one day to the next, (ii) from time to time. Ar thráthanna áirithe, at certain times. In am agus i d~, in good time; in due course. I d~ agus in antráth, in season and out of season. Focal i d~, a word in time. Níl ~ ná uair nach smaoiním orthu, I think of them every hour of the day. Ag faire na dtráthanna, keeping the watches of the night. I dtráthanna beaga na maidine, in the small hours of the morning. 2. Ecc:(a)Na ~a canónta, the canonical hours. ~ teirte, easpartan, the hour of tierce, of vespers. Ag ceiliúradh, ag canadh, na d~, chanting the hours. (b)Tá an sagart ag rá a thrátha, the priest is reading his office. F:Dúirt sé a thráth, he said plenty. 3. ~ (bia), meal. Thug sí ~ maith (bia)dúinn, she gave us a good meal. Trí thráth sa lá a chaitheamh, to take three meals a day. 4. (As adv.) An ~ a mhair siad, when they were alive. ~ de mo shaol, at one time in my life. ~ a thiocfaidh an t-éigean, when the time of need comes. Na cairde a bhí againn ~, the friends we once had. Ba mhór an ceannaire é ~, he was a great leader once upon a time. ~ is go bhfuil sé anseo, since he is here. ~ (is) nach bhfaca sé sinn, since he didn’t see us. An ~ sin, that time. ~ eile, another time. ~ éigin, some time. Gach ~, i ngach ~, every time, at all times. I dtrátha na Nollag, around Christmas. I dtrátha an ama seo inné, about this time yesterday. S.a. am14.
Bhí ~ ann tráth, it was once inhabited.
Rinne an t-arán agus an bainne tráth dó, the bread and milk made a meal for him.
Tráth, am, éirithe, time to get up.
Ní tráth ~ é, there is no time for delay.
Níor ghreamaigh siad Osraí an tráth sin, they did not engage the Ossory men on that occasion.
Tráth a mhair sé, in his day.
Ní tráth ~e é, there is no time for dallying; the matter brooks no delay.
Tráth nóna, the hour of nones.
Bhí siad faoi ~ tráth, they were well off at one time.
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