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Similar words: different · indifference · diffident · indecent · indigent
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New English–Irish Dictionary has an entry for indifferent »
indifferent, a. 1 Neamhshuimiúil, neamhspéisiúil, fuar(to, i). The matter is indifferent to me, is róchuma liom faoin scéal. He is indifferent to it, tá sé ar nós na réidhe ann, ar nós chuma liom faoi. He is indifferent to everything, níl suim in aon ní aige. An indifferent person, fuaránach m, fuarthé m. 2 Leathmheasartha, cuíosach. He is an indifferent writer, ní furasta a mholadh mar scríbhneoir. 3 To converse on indifferent topics. bheith ag comhrá ar rudaí gan tábhacht.   indifferently, adv. 1 Go neamhshuimiúil, etc. 2 Go lagmheasartha.
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