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sporting could be a grammatical form of: sport »
New English–Irish Dictionary has an entry for sporting »
sporting1, a. 1 (Fear) (mór) seilge. 2 (Cúrsaí, fear) lúthchleasaíochta, cluichí. In a sporting spirit, i bpáirt mhaitheasa; faoi thuairim spóirt. Sporting conduct, cothrom m na Féinne. You have a sporting chance, tá sé ar dhíslí agat. I'll make you a sporting offer, seo dhuit tairiscint nach miste dul sa seans léi.
sporting2, s. a Seilg f, sealgaireacht f. b Lúthchleasaíocht f, cluichíocht f. The sporting results, toradh na rásaí, na gcluichí.
(Metal) base (of sporting cartridge, of electric lamp), snong m, bianna m.
Sporting dog, gadhar fiaigh.
Sporting powder, púdar m fiaigh.
The sporting world, lucht m rásaí, lúthchleas.
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