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thy, poss.a. 1 Do (lenites), d' before vowels. Thy son, do mhac. Thy father, d'athair. 2 Do chuid folld. by gen.; used commonly with mass-nouns, abstracts, and pls. Thy money, work, children, do chuid airgid, oibre, leanaí. 3 a Article + s. + agat. Thy eldest son, an mac is sine agat. b Article + s. + seo agatsa. Thy house, an teach seo agatsa. 4 (Stressed) Do . . . -sa, -se; an . . . agatsa. It is thy son who has come, is é do mhacsa a tháinig. Thy money, do chuidse airgid; do chuid airgidse. Thy eldest son, an mac is sine agatsa.
Blessed be Thy Name, go naofar d'ainm.
Hallowed be thy name, go naofar d'ainm.
Thy will be done, go ndéantar do thoil.
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