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whichever, rel. pron. & a. 1 pron. Cibé ceann, duine. a (For subject and direct object, followed by relative clause as in which I. 1 (a)) Take whichever you like, tóg cibé ceann is maith leat. Whichever of you comes in first gets the prize, cibé duine agaibh is túisce a thiocfas isteach is é gheobhas an duais. b (With prep. in Irish) A, neg. nach; ar, neg. nár (followed by relative clause as in which I. i (b)) Whichever you expected, cibé ceann a raibh súil agat ins. Which ever you are interested in, cibé ceann a bhfuil spéis agat ann. 2 a. Cibé. Whichever way he turned, cibé treo ar iompaigh sé. Whichever party is in power, cibé páirtí atá i réim.
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