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New English–Irish Dictionary has an entry for yes »
yes, adv. a (Verb repeated in appropriate person) Will you come? -- Yes, an dtiocfaidh tú? -- Tiocfad. Did he come? -- Yes, ar tháinig sé? -- Tháinig. Is this yours? -- Yes, an leatsa seo? -- Is liom. Was it this morning you came? -- Yes, an ar maidin a tháinig tú? -- Sea. b (Interrogatively). (Verb repeated or an ea). Michael has been arrested -- Yes? tógadh Micheál – (A)r tógadh? An ea? c (In answer to summons) John! -- Yes! a Sheáin! -- Déanfaidh sin! d To answer yes or no, sea nó ní hea a rá.
Yes indeed, gan amhras; abair é.
To say yes, no, a rá, go (bhfuil, etc.), nach (bhfuil, etc.).
To say yes, no, to an invitation, toiliú le cuireadh, diúltú do chuireadh.
(Yes,) to be sure! (déanfad, etc.) ar ndóigh, agus fáilte.
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