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-ne, 1 pl. emphatic suff. 1. (Used after poss. a. ár with nouns or adjectives ending in slender consonant or slender vowel; hyphenated after n.)S.a. 3 (a)) Ár muintirne, our people. Inár sparáin-ne, in our purses. Dár gcairdene, to our friends. Lenár ndaoine uaislene, with our gentlefolk. 2. (With 1 pl. synthetic verb forms ending in slender consonant) Leagaimidne béim air, we lay emphasis on it. Rachaimidne leo, we will go with them. Bheimisne sásta leis sin, we would be satisfied with that. 3. (a) (Coalesces with pers. pron. sinn and 1 pl. prep. prons.) Sinne, we, us. Dúinne, linne, orainne, to, with, on, us. (b) (With pers. pron. muid) Muidne, we, us.
~ le rath, ne’er-do-well.
An leá Dia agus an ~, the ne’er-do-well and the utterly destitute.
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