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abhras, m. (gs. -ais).1. Handiwork (carding, spinning, etc.). Bean abhrais, spinner. 2. Yarn. ~ mín, garbh, fine, thick, yarn. Ag iarraidh abhrais ar phocán, trying to get wool off a he-goat. Dhá ~ a bheith ar do choigeal agat, to have two strings to one's bow. Ní den ~ an chéad snáithe, you must spoil before you spin. 3. (a) Gainful work; benefit, product. Níl mórán abhrais déanta aige, he has little to show for his work. Is beag an t-~ a bhí leis de bharr a lae ag iascach, he had little reward for his day's fishing. ~ a broinne, the product of her womb. Is mór an spórt é i mbaile gan ~, it is great sport for those who have nothing better to do. S.a. ordóg4. (b) Material, substance. Is doiligh ~ a bhaint as a chuid cainte, it is hard to make sense out of what he says.
Abhras agus ~, spinning and needlework.
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