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ainneoin, s. (In conj. or prep. phrases) D’~, in ~, ~, notwithstanding, in spite of. De m’~, in spite of me. Dá ~ sin, ~ sin (is uile), notwithstanding (all) that. ~, d’~, a chuid saibhris, for all his wealth. ~, d’~, gur labhair mé leis, although I spoke to him. S.a. deoin1.
D’ainneoin ar chaith mé leat, notwithstanding all the expense I incurred for you.
D’ainneoin a chúlfhiacla, in spite of him.
De dheoin nó d’ainneoin, willingly or unwillingly.
De dheoin nó d’ainneoin, willingly or unwillingly, willy-nilly.
D’ainneoin chnámh a ghaosáin, in sheer despite of him.
Ní dhearna sé é, ainneoin go ndúirt mé leis é, he did not do it, in spite of the fact that I told him to do it.
Ainneoin ~ n-éistfeadh sé liom, in spite of the fact that he wouldn’t listen to me.
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