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aithris1, f. (gs. as s. ~e, as vn. ~te).1. vn. of aithris2. 2. Narration. ~ scéil, eachtra, repetition of a story, recital of an adventure. 3. Imitation. Ag déanamh ~e ar chaint, ar bhéasa, copying speech, manners. Dá ndéanfá ~ ar d’athair, if you were to follow your father’s example. Níl inti ach ~ (scine), it is only a makeshift (knife). 4. Mimicry.
aithris2, v.t. & i. (pres. ~íonn). 1. Narrate, recite. Scéal a ~, to tell a story. ~ an dán dúinn, recite the poem for us. ~ ar chuala tú, repeat what you heard. Ná h~ sin orm, don’t repeat, tell, that about me. 2. Imitate. Ag ~ (ar chaint, ar dhuine), imitating (speech, s.o.). 3. Mimic, mock. (Var:pres. ~eann)
~ ar aithris, slavish imitation.
Aithris a dhéanamh ar dhuine, to imitate s.o.
A chuid ~aí a aithris, to recount his exploits.
Do chuid ~í a aithris, to relate one’s experiences.
A fheidhm a aithris, to tell of his achievement, relate his prowess. (Of vain or unnecessary effort)
Bíodh ar d’~ a aithris, take care to relate it.
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