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allas, m. (gs. -ais).1. Sweat, perspiration. Ag cur allais, sweating. S.a. cáith22. Tá ~ leis, he is perspiring. Tá brat, slaod, allais air, he is covered with sweat. Tá ~ taisligh ar na ballaí, there is a damp sweat on the walls. ~ fola, bloody sweat. As ~ a mhalaí, by the sweat of his brow. Chuir sé ~ na gcnámh, he sweated hard; he worked hard for a living. Is ann a d’fhág sé a chuid allais, he worked the best years of his life there. Is iomaí lá de mo chuid allais aige, I worked many a hard day for him. 2. (In phrase) ~ an diabhail (de ghasúr), a limb of Satan, a scamp (of a boy). 3. Bot:~ Muire, St. John’s wort. 4. (As vn.)Ag ~, sweating.
2. ~ allais, sweat-house.
Báite in allas, le hallas, bathed in perspiration.
1. ~ allais, bealaidh, boilg, coime, coscáin, muinchille, muiníl, sweat-, grease-, belly-, waist-, brake-, wrist-, neck-, band.
Ag ~ allais, streaming with perspiration.
Bhí bóithre fola, allais, leis, he was streaming blood, sweat.
Bhí ~ allais as, he had broken out in a sweat.
~ allais, bead of perspiration.
~ allais, (i) sweat-cloth, (ii) lather of sweat.
~ allais, coating of sweat.
Bhí ~í allais leis, he was streaming sweat.
Bhí sé ag ~eadh allais de, he was sweating profusely.
Allas na g~ a chur, to sweat from work, to work slavishly.
~ allais, bead of sweat.
Chruthaigh deora allais ar chlár a éadain, beads of sweat formed on his forehead.
Chuimil sé an t-allas de féin, he wiped the sweat off himself.
Allas, fuil, a chur, to sweat, to bleed.
~ allais, lather of sweat.
Tá ~ allais as, he is steaming with sweat.
~ allais, dhrúchta, drop of sweat, of dew.
~í allais, glistening beads of sweat.
2. ~í allais, beads of perspiration.
~í allais, beads of perspiration.
1. ~ allais, nimhe, sweat, poison, gland.
Ag cur allais go ~, sweating profusely.
Bhí a léine fuaite dá dhroim le hallas, his shirt was clinging to his back with sweat.
Tháinig ~ allais orm, I broke out in a cold sweat.
~ allais, lather of sweat.
Le hallas do mhalaí, by the sweat of one’s brow.
~a allais, beads of perspiration, drops of sweat.
Bhí ~ allais leis, he was streaming with perspiration.
Bhí an t-allas ina ~ leis, he was running with sweat.
Bhí an t-allas ag ~eadh liom, I was running with sweat.
Bheith ar ~ le hallas, le deora, to be swimming with perspiration, with tears.
~ allais, lather of sweat.
Bhí ~ allais liom, the sweat was pouring off me.
Bhí an t-allas ag teacht liom, I was beginning to sweat.
~ allais, sweat-house.
Bhí an t-allas ag ~im liom, I was pouring sweat.
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