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amas1, m. (gs. & npl. -ais, gpl. ~). 1. Attack. ~ a thabhairt ar namhaid, to attack an enemy. ~ longfoirt, camp attack. ~ oíche, night attack. Tháinig Brian an treas ~ orthu, Brian came at them for the third attack. 2. Opening, opportunity, for attack. Dá bhfaighinn ~ air, if I got an opening, a chance, to hit him. 3. Aim. ~ a thógáil ar mharc, to take aim at a target. Fuair mé ~ cruinn air an iarraidh sin, I got a good shot at it that time. 4. Dart, grab. Thug siad ~ ar na hairm, they tried to grab the weapons. 5. Attempt. ~ ar aithrí a dhéanamh, an effort to repent. 6. Guess. ~ nó barúil, conjecture or opinion. 7. Golf: Putt.
amas2, m. (gs. -ais). Assonance.
Amas ~, straight aim.
Amas ~, dangerous attack.
~ amais, putting-green.
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