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aonar, m. (gs. -air).1. Lit: One, lone, person. Fleá gan obadh d’~, a feast which no one declines. 2. (With i and poss. pron.) Alone. Tá mé i m’~, I am by myself, alone. Ina n-~, on their own. 3. Single, solitary. Duine aonair, one, lone, person. Teach aonair, detached, isolated, house. Comhrac aonair, single combat. Scileanna aonair, individual skills. 4. Crot aonair = cruth daonna :cruth11. S.a. cadhan 2, caonaí.
D’aon ~, d’~ aonair, with one voice.
aonair, lone bird.
~ (aonair), lone person.
~ aonair, duel.
~ aonair, corporation sole.
Bheith i d’~ aonair, dearg, scoite, to be companionless.
~adh ina aonar é, he was left by himself.
Dul ar ghala aonair le duine, to engage s.o. in single combat.
~ aonair, lone ruin.
Bhí sé ina ~ agus ina aonar, he was all alone.
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