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binse could be a grammatical form of: inse »
binse, m. (gs. ~, pl. -sí). 1. Bench. (a) Seat. Suí ar bhinse, to sit on a bench. (b)Parl:~na nAirí, the front bench. (c)Jur:An ~, the Bench. ~ breithimh, judge’s bench; tribunal. S.a. barra13. (d)Join:Mech.E:~ siúinéara, carpenter’s bench. ~ oibre, sáibh, trasna, work-, saw-, cross-, bench. ~ profa, test-bench. 2. Bank, ledge. ~ móna, bank of turf (prepared for cutting). ~ cloiche, ledge, shelf, of rock. ~ luachra, rushy bank.
~ báis, binse, cimithe, coirp, cuardaigh, gabhála, urghabhála, death, bench, committal, body, search, arrest, seizure, warrant.
Idir ~ is binse, in open court.
~ bhinse, bench vice.
~ bhinse, choise, gháige, líomhacháin, scriúghearrtha, shleamhain, thochardach, thúiríneach, bench, treadle, gap, polishing, screw-cutting, slide, capstan, turret, lathe.
Barra, binse, bíoma, ~, cross-bar, -bench, -beam.
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