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brabach, m. (gs. -aigh).1. Gain, profit. ~ a dhéanamh ar rud, to make a profit out of sth. ~ glan, net profit. 2. Benefit, advantage. ~ a fháil, a bhreith, ar dhuine, to take advantage of s.o.; to get sth. out of s.o. Ní bhfaighidh tú mórán brabaigh airsean, you won’t get much change out of him. Ná lig dóibh ~ a fháil ar do chuid cainte, don’t say anything they might misconstrue, use to their advantage. Cat bradach a gheobhadh ~ uirthi, she gives nothing away. 3. Surplus. Má tá aon bhrabach airgid agat, if you have any money to spare.
Airgead, brabach, saibhreas, a dhéanamh, to make money, a profit, a fortune.
Brabach ~, clear profit; net profit.
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