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briste could be a grammatical form of: briseadh » · bris »
briste, a3. 1. pp. of bris2. 2. Broken. (a)Balla, bríce, pláta, ~, broken wall, brick, plate. Bróga ~, leaking shoes. Béarla ~, broken English. Aimsir bhriste, broken weather. Bainne ~, curdled milk. Talamh ~, cultivated land. Lá ~, (i) day of broken weather, (ii) broken work-day. Croí ~, broken heart. Cos bhriste, fractured leg. Tá mo chosa ~ fúm, I am foot-weary (from standing, walking). Bhí cuma bhriste air, he looked crestfallen. S.a. maide 1(c).(b)Oifigeach, múinteoir, ~, broken, dismissed, officer, teacher. Capall ~, broken-winded horse. Arm ~, defeated army. (c)Airgead ~, small change. (d) (With as) Put out of. ~ as gnó, out of business. ~ as airgead, out of money, ‘broke’. (e) (With le or i) At a loss (by). Bheith ~ le rud, i rud, to be at a loss by sth. Tá mé punt ~ leis, ann, I have lost a pound by it. S.a. olann. 3 :briseadh.
Tá sé briste agat, you have broken it.
Tá an mhias sin in ~ a briste, that dish is sure to get broken.
Tá an ~ briste aige; tá sé briste san ~, he is broken-winded.
~ briste, milk turning sour.
~ briste, broken English.
Briste ~, holed and broken.
Tá a croí briste, her heart is broken.
Briste ~, battered and broken.
~a briste, broken stone, (road-)metal.
~ briste, rhyme requiring identity of vowels and agreement of consonants in quality.
~ briste, interrupted cadence.
D’fhág sé mo chroí briste, it left me with a broken heart.
Tá briste ar an bh~ aige, he has lost patience.
Briste sa lár, broken in the middle.
Tá sé briste ina dhá chuid, ina smidiríní, it is broken in two parts, in smithereens.
~ briste an dlí, (the) lawbreakers.
~ briste, (i) broken stick, (ii) tongs.
~ briste, breaking-point.
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