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bruith1, f. (gs. as s. ~e, as vn. -ite).1. vn. of bruith2. 2. Boiling, cooking (by boiling). 3. Baking. 4. Broiling, grilling. ~ chasta a thabhairt ar rud, to turn sth. over whilst grilling it. 5. Burning, scorching. ~ fola, overheating of blood. ~ laidhre, inflammation between the toes. Bhí ~laidhre air ag imeacht, he was in a hurry, impatient, to get away. ~ faoi thoinn, inflammation under the skin. Bhí ~ thoinne uirthi mar nach bhfaca sí an litir, she was seething, envious, because she did not see the letter. (Var:m)
bruith2, v.t. & i. (pp. -ite). 1. Boil; cook by boiling. Bainne a bhruith, to boil milk. Feoil, ubh, a bhruith, to boil meat, an egg. Tá sé ag ~ fearthainne, this heat will bring rain. Rud a bhruith ar bhainne, to boil sth. in milk. Tá sé bruite ar bhainne duit, you’ll catch it. Tá mé bruite leo, I am fed up with them. 2. Bake. Arán a bhruith san oigheann, to bake bread in the oven. Tá mé bruite leis an teas, I am baked with the heat. 3. Burn. Ná ~ do mhéara leis, don’t burn your fingers with it. Bhruith sé a lorgaí, he scorched his shins. Bhí mé bruite le náire, I was burning with shame.
An bhearna bhruite, the first piece cut from a newly-baked loaf.
Duine, capall, ~, fiery person, horse.
Is é an buachaill ~ é, the boy is good for nothing.
An gadaí ~, the scalded, mean, thief.
~ bhruite, rósta, boiled, roast, meat.
~ nó bruite, raw or cooked.
Bruith, dó, laidhre, inflammation of the toes.
~ bruite, rósta, boiled, roast, potato.
Tagann screamh ar bhainne bruite, boiled milk forms a skin.
~ bhruite, consuming fire.
Bheith i d~ bhruite, to be in a consuming passion.
~ bhruite, ~ bheirithe, boiled egg.
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