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buan could be a grammatical form of: uan »
buan1, a1. 1. Enduring, permanent. Grá ~, abiding love. Gleo ~, incessant noise. Éadach ~, durable cloth. Dath ~, fast colour. Lá ~ fearthainne, day of continuous rain. Do chara ~, your constant friend. Bóthar ~, long road. Más ~ dom, if I live long. Gura ~ (beo) é, long may he live. Más maith leat a bheith ~, if you wish to live long. Ní raibh aon duine acu ~, none of them had a long span (of life, office, etc.). Ní bhíonn tréan ~, violence cannot endure; easy does it. Más ~ mo chuimhne, if my memory serves me right. D’imigh sé fada ~ ó shin, he went away a long time ago. Is fada ~ a mhair a n-iomrá, they were talked about for a very long time. Prov:Ní ~ gach ní a chaitear, nothing on earth is permanent. Prov:Is beag an rud is buaine ná an duine, any little thing may outlast a human being, may serve as a reminder of s.o. Go ~, constantly, always. S.a. rith11(f).2. Steadfast, solid. Chomh ~ le carraig, as solid as a rock. (Var:~ach)
buan-2, pref. Permanent, perpetual; fixed.
Is buaine ~ ná saol, fame lives on after death.
~ in éadach, durability in cloth.
~ datha, fastness of colour.
~ cuimhne, lastingness, retentiveness, of memory.
~ na beatha thall, the permanence of the life to come.
Ní buan ~ na gcarad, a quarrel between friends is soon healed.
~ buana, reaping-hook.
Más buan mo chuimhne, if my memory serves me right.
Is buan fear ina dhúiche, a man is solid in his homeland.
~ buan, fara, permanent, perched, water-table.
An ~ buair, an ~ buan, scour.
Buaine ~a, fixity of tenure.
Is buaine an t-~ ná an t-anraith, a cow is more valuable for her milk than for her broth.
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