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casta could be a grammatical form of: cas » · casadh »
casta, a3. 1. pp. of cas2. 2. Twisted, wound. Snáth ~, (of yarn) twist. S.a. corrán 9. 3. Complicated, intricate, involved. Scéal ~, complicated story. Focal ~, difficult word. Ceist chasta, knotty question. Stíl chasta, tortuous style. 4. Gnarled, bent; wizened. Críon ~, old and mis-shapen. Aghaidh chasta, wizened face. Práta ~, wrinkled potato. 5:casadh.
~ broghach, ~ casta, scum.
~ casta i dtéad, snarl in rope.
Chuir sé ~ casta i mo lámh, he twisted my hand.
~ casta, craipleach, bindweed.
~ cam, casta, staggers (in sheep).
Lá casta na ~e, day of action, emergency.
Smaointe casta ar chúrsaí an tsaoil, complicated thoughts on the affairs of life.
~ casta, twist.
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