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cian1, f. (ds. céin, pl. ~ta, dpl. ~aibh used in certain phrases).1. Length of time, age. Le ~ d’aimsir, this long time. Na ~ta ó shin, a long time ago. Ní fhaca mé é leis na ~ta, I haven’t seen him in ages. Sna ~ta cairbreacha, in remote ages. 2. Distance, distant place. I gcéin, in the distance, far off. De chéin, from afar. I gcéin ó, far away from. I gcéin is i gcóngar, far and near. I mbaile is i gcéin, at home and abroad. Sna ~ta coimhthíocha, in foreign parts. 3. Ó chianaibh, a while ago. 4. Lit:(ds. as conj.)Céin a bhí anam ann, whilst, as long as, there was life in him.
cian2, m. (gs. ~). Sadness, melancholy; longsomeness. Faoi chian, melancholy, sad; thinking long. ~ a thógáil de dhuine, to lift the depression off s.o. Tamall comhrá le ~ a thógáil dínn, a bit of conversation to beguile the time for us. Braon beag a thógfas ~ díot, a little drop that will cheer you up.
cian3, a. (gsm. céin, gsf. & comp. céine, npl. ~a). 1. Long. Aimsir chian, a long time. Is ~ ó, it is long since. Níor chian go, it was not long until. Is ~ liom (go), it seems a long time to me (until). Is fada an lá agus is ~ (ó), it is many a long day (since). 2. Distant. Críocha ~a, distant lands. (As adv.)~ gar, far or near.
cian5(a)(i)-, pref. Cyan(o)-
cian-4, pref. 1. Long. 2. Remote, distant.
Na cianta ~a ó shin, in remote ages.
Tá sé na cianta ~a ó chonaic mé é, I haven’t seen him for ages.
Cian nó ~ mo ré, whether my span of life be long or short.
~ Chéin, cayenne pepper.
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