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cnag1, m. (gs. -aig, npl. ~a, gpl. ~).1. Knock, crack; blow. Buail ~ ar an doras, knock at the door. ~ de bhata, a (cracking) blow with a stick. 2. Cracking sound; crunch. ~ a bhaint as do mhéar, to crack one’s finger(-joint). ~ fiacla, crunch of teeth. Tá ~ san úll sin, there is a good bite in that apple. Fág ~ san fheoil, leave something to bite on in the meat, don’t overdo the meat. Prátaí ~, underdone potatoes. 3. Mec. E: Knock. ~ in inneall, knock in an engine. 4. Lump, knob. ~ adhmaid, cloiche, lump of wood, of stone. 5. (Hard) ball. ~ (iomána), hurling-ball. An ~ a thógáil, a bhualadh, to lift, strike, the (hurling-)ball. 6. ‘Nut’, head. (Var:f)
cnag2, v.t. & i. (pp. ~tha).1. Knock, strike. Duine a chnagadh sa cheann, to knock s.o. on the head. Chnag sé lena dhorn, le bata, é, he struck him hard with his fist, with a stick. Chnag sé an bord, he thumped the table. Chnag sé ar an doras, he knocked at the door. Chnag sé an díon le cloch, he struck, rattled, the roof with a stone. Chnag sé an pota ar an urlár, he banged the pot on the floor. 2. Strike down, lay low. ~adh le fiabhras é, he was laid low with fever. Bhí mé ~tha ag slaghdán, I was laid up with a cold. ~tha leis an aois, decrepit with age. 3. Beat, surpass. Tá na ceithre scór ~tha aige, he has passed the eighty mark. 4. Crack, split. Cnó a chnagadh, to crack a nut. Rámh, crann seoil, a chnagadh, to spring an oar, a mast. Tá sé ~tha ina lár, it is cracked in the middle. 5. Crunch. Úll a chnagadh, to crunch an apple.
~ a chur i d’éadan, i do mhala, to scowl.
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