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col1, m. (gs. coil, pl. ~anna). 1. Prohibition, impediment (to marriage). (a)~gaoil, forbidden degree(s) of relationship. ~ fola, consanguinity. ~ uisce, spiritual impediment, affinity. ~ a réiteach, to settle degree of relationship; to dispense with prohibition of marriage. Ciorrú coil, violation of impediment to marriage; incest. (b) (In determining degrees of consanguinity) ~ ceathrair, ceathar, first cousin. ~ ceathracha, first cousins. ~ cúigir, first cousin once removed. ~ seisir, second cousin. ~ seachtair, second cousin once removed. ~ ochtair, third cousin. 2. Incest; wicked deed. ~ a dhéanamh, to do a wicked deed. An cholainn choil, the sinful flesh. Daoine a scar críne le ~, people who freed their old age from wickedness. Ort do chol duaise! May your dark deed fall on you! Confound you anyway! 3. Violation (of vow, etc.). ~ móide, violation of vow. ~ geise, breaking of prohibition, of taboo. 4. Aversion; distaste, repugnance. ~ a ghlacadh le duine, le rud, to take an aversion to s.o., to sth. Tá ~ agam leis, I dislike it. Bhí ~ orm é a dhéanamh, I felt a repugnance to doing it. Tá ~ air le feoil, he has a distaste for meat. Chuir an bia ~ orm, the food revolted me.
col2, m. (gs. & npl. coil, gpl. ~). Geog: Col.
col3(a)(i)-, pref. Chol-, chole-, cholo-
~eadh siar as a cholainn é, he was made to suffer (physically) for it.
An cholainn a cheansú, to restrain the body, the flesh.
~ coil, incest.
Ina cholainn féin, in his own person.
Tá an cholainn claon, the flesh is weak.
Is deacair ceann críonna a chur ar cholainn óg, you can’t put an old head on young shoulders.
Ba tú an cholainn chneasta, you were a decent poor fellow.
~ a thabhairt do do cholainn, to mortify one’s body.
Fuair a cholainn ~, his body received the breath of life.
An cholainn a sháimhriú, to tranquillize the body.
Fear a bhfuil ~ ina cholainn, a man of solid frame.
Bhí a cholainn á ~eadh, his body was wasting away.
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