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craos, m. (gs. & npl. -ois, gpl. ~).1. Gullet; maw. Do chraos a oscailt, to open one’s mouth wide; Fig: to roar (le duine, at s.o.). Rud a chur siar i g~ duine, to ram sth. down s.o.’s throat. I g~ an leoin, in the maw of the lion. Slogadh i g~ na farraige iad, they were sucked into the gulf of the sea. S.a. aghaidh11(a).2. Deep opening, vent. ~ foirnéise, throat of furnace. ~ tine, roaring fire. 3. Breech. ~ gunna, breech of gun. 4. Gluttony, voracity. ~ a dhéanamh, a chur ort féin, to eat, to drink, voraciously; to make a glutton of oneself. ~ dí, voracious drinking. Peaca an chraois, the sin of gluttony. Rinne siad ~ ar an ollmhaitheas, they gorged themselves on the good things.
Thug sé ~ a chraois, a chaoraíochta, orm, he abused, reviled, me.
Craos is ~, immoderate eating and drinking.
~ chraois, gluttonous feast.
~eadh ina chraos é, it was poured down his throat.
Do chraos a fholcadh, to gargle one’s throat.
~ craois, breech-loader.
~ craois, insatiable, unnatural, appetite.
Lig ~ i do chraos é, let it down your throat.
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