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dlaoi, f. (gs. ~, pl. ~the).1. Wisp, tuft; lock, tress. ~ fhéir, wisp of grass. ~ choirce, handful of oats. ~ ghruaige, lock of hair. ~ fhéasóige, tuft of beard. ~ chorráin, handful (of grass, etc.) cut with sickle. 2. Bundle of thatch; covering (of thatch, hair). ~ bhuin, mhullaigh, eaves, ridge, thatch. An ~ mhullaigh a chur ar rud, to put the finishing touches to sth.; to cap sth. Tá sé ag an ~ mhullaigh leis, he has it (the thatching, job of work) almost completed. Faoi dhlaoi, thatched, covered over, hidden away. Dul faoi dhlaoi, to become obscured. Bain cuid den ~ díot féin, remove some of your thatch, get yourself a hair-cut. 3. Strand. ~ de rópa, strand of rope. ~ róin, strand of horse-hair. 4. (a) Strip (of bark, of skin). ~ de chraiceann sailí, strip of willow-bark. Bain anuas ina dhlaoithe é, remove it in strips. (b)Anat: Hymen. 5. (pl.) Wiles. ~the agus meang, wiles and cunning. (Var:pl. ~theacha, ~theanna; dlagh f, pl. dlaghthacha)
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