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dol1, m. (gs. & npl. ~a, gpl. ~).1. Loop. ~ de rópa, de chábla, loop of rope, of cable. ~ a chur ar rópa, to loop a rope. Cuir ~ de rópa air, loop a rope round it. ~ ciotach, granny knot. 2. Noose, snare. ~ a chur ar choinín, to snare a rabbit. ~ a chur ar dhuine, to ensnare s.o. Tá na ~a curtha, the snares are set. Bheith sa ~, to be ensnared, in the toils. Ceapadh sa ~ é, he was caught in the snare. Chuaigh sé sa ~, he walked into the trap. ~ reatha, running noose. 3. Fish: Cast. ~ eangaí (a thabhairt), (to make) a cast of a net. D’aon ~ (den eangach), at one cast (of the net). Fear maith ar a dhola, a good fisherman. 4. Draught, haul. ~ éisc (a thógáil), (to take) a catch of fish. ~ mór feamainne, great haul of seaweed. 5. Turn. ~ a bhaint as rud, to take a turn at sth. Bhain, thug, sé ~ as na bradáin, he took a turn at salmon-fishing. Tá ~ eile sneachta air, it is turning to snow again. 6. Batch, lot; group, contingent; number, amount. ~ daoine, group of people. Ina n~ agus ina n~, group by group. An chéad ~ eile a tháinig, the next group that came. Tháinig ~ litreacha chuige, he received a batch of letters. Tá ~ maith airgid ag teacht chuige, there is a good sum of money coming to him. Tá ~ den chíos le híoc agam, I have to pay an instalment of the rent. Fuair sé in aon ~ amháin é, he got it all together, in one amount.
dol2, v.t. 1. Loop. Rópa a dholadh, to loop a rope. 2. Snare, ensnare; net. Coinín a dholadh, to snare a rabbit. Bradán a dholadh, to net a salmon.
dol3, m = dola1.
~ a dhéanamh, to do harm; to cause distress.
Gníomh ~, doleful deed.
Cén ~ atá ort? What’s grieving you?
Croí cloiche nach nglacfadh ~ leis, it is a hard heart that would not be moved by it.
An ~ a íoc, to pay the reckoning.
Mo chuid den ~, my share of the cost.
~ cathrach, town toll.
~adh sa dol é, he was caught in the noose.
~ sé as an dol, he broke out of the snare.
Chuaigh sé sa dol, he was caught in the snare.
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