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drochrud, m. (gs. ~a, pl. ~aí).1. Bad thing. (a) Inferior thing. ~ a cheannach, to buy a bad article. (b) Injurious thing. ~ stocaí fliucha a bheith ort, it is bad to wear wet stockings. (c) Evil thing; evil. An ~ a dhéanamh, a sheachaint, to do, to avoid, evil. Tá ciall don ~ acu, they know how to do wrong. 2. Bad, evil, person; devil. An ~, diúltaímid dó, the Devil, far be he from us. Is é an ~ é, he is a wicked character. Tá an ~ (ina sheasamh) istigh ann, he has a wicked nature; he is full of devilment. Is doiligh ~ a mharú, ‘it is hard to kill a bad thing’.
Ceannaigh an drochrud ~ bí gan aon rud, if you buy a poor thing you will be left without anything.
Bhris an drochrud amach ann, the evil inclination showed itself in him.
Aithint idir an ~ agus an drochrud, to distinguish between what is good and what is bad.
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