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easpa1, f. (gs. ~, pl. ). Lack, want; loss, absence; deficiency, defect. 1. Rud a bheith in ~, d’~, ort; ~ ruda a bheith ort, to lack sth. ~ airgid, eolais, lack of money, of knowledge. In ~, d’~, anála, codlata, for want of breath, of sleep. Ar ~ éadaigh, só, lacking clothes, comfort. Is trua mé ina ~, I am to be pitied without it. Ná fág ~ ort féin, don’t leave yourself short; look after yourself well. Gan iomarca gan ~, neither too much nor too little. S.a. fuílleach 3. 2. ~ céille, want of sense; defect in reasoning. Tá ~ bheag air, there is a little [’want’ in him, he is a bit gone in the head. 3. Bheith ar ~, to be missing, lost. Bhí fear in ~ uainn, we missed a man. Má tá aon duine dár n-~, if there is anyone missing from us. ~í saolta, temporal losses. Chomhair siad a n-easpaí, they counted their losses. Lit:D’adhlaic siad a n-easpaí, they buried their slain. S.a. fogha21.
easpa2, f. (gs. ~, pl. ). Abscess. ~ bhrád, scrofula. ~ reatha, running sore.
easpa3, f. (gs. ~).~ eorna, petty spurge.
~ nó easpa, flaw or defect.
Ná ~ easpa ort féin, don’t leave yourself short.
Níor bhain sé ~ ná easpa asam, he didn’t hurt me in the least.
Is fearr ~ ná easpa, better too much than too little.
~ easpa, deficiency disease.
Gan ~ gan easpa, neither too much nor too little.
Níl easpa ná ~ orainn, we want for nothing.
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