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Similar words: fuascail · cuasalt · facailit · fascúil · fuaslaic
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fuascailt could be a grammatical form of: fuascail »
fuascailt, f. (gs. ~e, pl. ).1. vn. of fuascail. 2. Release, deliverance. ~ ó chuing, ó dhaorsmacht, deliverance from a yoke, from oppression. ~ ó phian, relief from pain. Com:~ earraí, release of goods. Mil:~ baile, dúin, relief of town, of fort. Níl ~ i ndán dó, there is no hope for him. Achtanna ~e, liberation, emancipation, acts. 3. Redemption, ransom. ~ an chine dhaonna, redemption of the human race. ~ braighdeanach, ransom of prisoners. ~ tí, talún, redemption of (debt on) house, land. Duine a chur ar ~, to hold s.o. to ransom. Airgead, ciste, ~e, redemption money, fund. 4. Solution. ~ ceiste, solution of problem; answer to question. Cás gan ~, unsolved case.
Is ~ fuascailt dúinn, our deliverance is at hand.
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