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gafa could be a grammatical form of: gabh »
gafa, a3. 1. pp. of gabh. 2. (a) Taken, caught, held. Bheith ~ i ngreim (ag rud), to be held in a grip (by sth.). ~ i bpríosún, held in prison. Tá sé ~ ag na gardaí, he has been arrested by the guards. ~ sa dris, caught in the briar. ~ sa cheo, held up in the fog. (b) Gripped by infection. ~ ag slaghdán, in the grip of a cold. ~ san ucht, caught in the chest. Tá an anáil ~ aige, his breath is caught. (c) Occupied, absorbed, wholly engaged. Bheith ~ in obair, to be caught up, engrossed, in work. ~ ag a smaointe, occupied with his thoughts. Tá siad ~ ina chéile, they are wrapped up in each other. Tá mé ~ leis an rud seo, I am stuck with this thing. Ní bheinn ~ leis, I wouldn’t be bothered with it. (d) Engaged. Tá an suíochán ~, the seat is engaged. (e)Mth: Contained. Tá B ~ in A, A contains B. 3. Fitted, harnessed; dressed, arrayed. ~ gléasta, (of implement) fitted and ready; (of horse) yoked and harnessed; (of person) all dressed up. ~ go foirmiúil, formally dressed. (Var. of 2:~ch a1)
Gafa in ~, caught in a net, netted.
Tá sé gafa i bh~, his number is up.
Tá mé gafa sna cnámha, my bones are stiff. (Of feelings)
Tá gafa fúthu, the damp has got at them.
Bheith ceaptha, gafa, i n~, to be caught in a trap.
Gafa i líon, caught in a net.
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