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iaigh, v.t. & i. (pres. iann, fut. iafaidh, vn. iamh, pp. iata). 1. Close, shut. Bosca, doras, a iamh, to close a box, a door. Poll a iamh, to stop a hole. Bhí na súile ag iamh air (le codladh), he could not keep his eyes open (with sleep). Iatar an bhearna orthu, let the gap be closed against them. D’~ sé a dhorn air, he closed his fist over it, kept a tight hold on it. Ná h~ do chroí orainn, don’t harden your heart against us. 2. Stop, dam. Sruthán a iamh, to dam a stream. 3. Enclose, encompass; gather about. Iafar i gcarcair iad, they will be shut up in a prison. D’~ siad um an dún, they closed in on, surrounded, the fort. Iaigí air, close in on, seize, him. Lit:Is umainn iafaid uile, they will all rally round us. 4. ~ le, join, unite, with. D’~ siad leis na gaill, they allied themselves with the foreigners. D’ ~ sé i gcealg leo, he joined in a conspiracy with them. (Var:iaidh)
D’iaigh siad ~ an rí, they closed in about the king.
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