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inmhe, f. (gs. ~).1. Lit: Wealth, estate; position in life, condition. Neart agus ~ shaolta, power and worldly wealth. Dul in ~, to prosper. Ar fágadh mar ~ aige, all that was left to him as his portion. Trua gan tusa i m’~, I wish you were in my position. Ceann ~, goal (of ambition). 2. Maturity, strength. (a)Teacht in ~, to grow strong, mature. In ~ fir, fit to do a man’s work. Ó tháinig ~ ann, since he grew in strength. Níl ~ ar bith sa ghasúr sin go fóill, that boy has no strength in him yet. (b)Bheith in ~ rud a dhéanamh, to be able to do sth. Níl sé in ~ chuige, he is not equal to it. 3. Jur:In ~ oidhreachta, qualified to inherit.
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