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iomad, indecl.s. 1. Great number or quantity; abundance, excess. ~ na dtoirbhirtí, na ngrást, the abundance of gifts, of grace. ~ ár n-olc, our excess of woes. Sular tháinig ~ dá aois, before he was advanced in years. ~ maoine, éada, excess of wealth, of jealousy. 2. (Used with article) (a) Many, much. (Followed by sg. or pl.) An ~ uair, many times. Ar an ~ slí, in many ways. An ~ daoine, many people. Síleann an ~ (díobh, acu) é, a great many (of them) think so. (b) Too many, too much. An ~ airgid, too much money. An ~ den aithne, too much familiarity. Tá an ~ le rá agat, you talk too much. 3. (In phrases) ~ a bhí ann, it was more than could normally be expected, it was exceptional. ~ ba ea an lá inné le fearthainn, yesterday was an exceptionally rainy day. (Var:~a, ~aí)
An iomad daoine, many persons.
Tá an iomad ~ air, he has too much to contend with, too many to support.
Is fearr ~ ná iomad, ‘better enough than too much’.
Creidim ionat
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