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iontas, m. (gs. & npl. -ais, gpl. ~). Wonder. 1. Wonderment, surprise. ~ a bheith ort faoi rud, to be surprised at sth. Tháinig ~ air liom, he became astonished at me. ~ a dhéanamh de rud; ~ a chur i rud; rud a chur in ~, to wonder at sth. Is beag an t-~ (go), it is little wonder (that). Ní chuirfeadh sé ~ orm (dá), it wouldn’t surprise me (if). Níl ~ duit a bheith sásta, no wonder you are satisfied. 2. Strange, remarkable, thing. Iontais na cruinne, the wonders of the universe. ~ na n-~, wonder of wonders. Seacht n-iontais an domhain, the seven wonders of the world. Ag breathnú na n-~, seeing the sights. Tír na n-~, wonderland.
Bhí iontas orm a dhonacht a bhí sé, I was surprised that he was so bad.
Ag déanamh aeir agus iontais díobh, regarding them with wonder and surprise.
Amharc aeir agus iontais, a scene of wonder and surprise.
Iontais na ~, the wonders of the universe.
~ amhrais, iontais, é, it is a matter for suspicion, for surprise.
Ag ~amh iontais de, wondering at it.
Tíortha, ciníocha, iontais, an domhain, the countries, peoples, wonders, of the world.
Bhí áthas, iontas, an domhain orm, I was extremely glad, surprised.
Deir sé nuair a chuaigh sé siar san uaimh gurbh ea a chonaic sé an t-iontas, he says it was when he went into the back of the cave that he saw the wonder.
Bhí iontas air, má b’fhíor dó féin, he pretended to be surprised.
Iontas na ~, glad wonder.
Bhí ~ iontais air, he looked astonished.
~ a shúile, a radharc, air le hiontas, his eyes opened in astonishment.
Bhí mo sháith iontais orm, I was really surprised.
~í agus iontais, signs and wonders.
Thógfá ina iontas é, it would make you wonder.
Chuir sé ~ agus iontas orainn, it filled us with awe and wonder.
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