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Similar words: beathadh · cleathadh · leaghadh · leamhadh · leathach
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leathadh could be a grammatical form of: leath »
leathadh, m. (gs. leata). 1. vn. of leath2. 2. (a) Spreading, spread; diffusion, scattering, broadcasting. ~ éadaigh, seoil, spreading of cloth, of sail. Bhí ~ an bhoird de ann, the table was spread with it. Tá ~ ladhrach air inniu, he is in a great hurry today. S.a. léaráid. (b) Opening out; dilation, expansion. ~ dorais, opening wide of door. ~ súl, opening wide of eyes (in wonder). ~ béil, gaping. S.a. leathóg 1. (c)~ radhairc, cainte, indistinctness of vision, of speech. (d)Ar ~, outspread; wide open. Seolta ar ~, sails spread. Bord ar ~ le bia, table spread with food. Béal, doras, ar ~, mouth, door, wide open. An aibhéis ar ~ fúthu, the gulf yawning beneath them. Tá an fómhar ar ~ air, he can’t keep pace with all the work he has to do. 3. ~ a fháil ó fhuacht, ó ocras, to be perished with cold, with hunger. ~ lúitheach, numbness (of hands from cold).
Tá an ~ ar leathadh air, he can’t get things done fast enough.
~ leata, dispersion diagram.
Éadach a ~adh ar rud, to spread a cloth over sth.
Bratach, seol, a ~adh, to spread a banner, a sail.
Léarscáil a ~adh, to spread out a map.
Im a ~adh, to spread butter.
Taos a ~adh, to roll out paste.
Iarann a ~adh, to flatten out iron.
Do ghéaga a ~adh, to spread one’s limbs, to sprawl. (Of squat person)
Tá sé leata anuas ar an talamh, he is spread out on the ground.
Siúl leata, sprawling gait.
Néalta ag ~adh thar an spéir, clouds spreading over the sky.
Tá na coillte ag ~adh, the woods are spreading.
Síol a ~adh, to scatter seed.
Gaineamh a ~adh, to strew sand.
Ag ~adh aoiligh, spreading manure.
Eolas a ~adh, to spread knowledge.
Scéala, ráfla, a ~adh, to spread news, a rumour.
Doras, fuinneog, a ~adh, to open wide a door, a window.
Bhí a bhéal leata aige, he had his mouth wide open.
Tá a radharc ag ~adh air, his sight is getting dim.
Bhí an chaint ag ~adh orthu, their speech was getting thick.
Tá mé leata leis an ocras, I am famished.
Leathadh na leathóige air! Bad cess to him!
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