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loisc could be a grammatical form of: losc »
loisc, v.t. (vn. loscadh, pp. ~the).Burn, fire, scorch, sear, sting. 1. Gual a loscadh, to burn, consume, coal. Teach a loscadh, to burn, set fire to, a house. S.a. coinneal 1. 2. Do mhéara a loscadh, to burn, scorch, one’s fingers. Duine a loscadh le neantóga, to burn, sting, s.o. with nettles. ~the le gaoth agus le grian, scorched, parched, by wind and sun. Prov:Níor ~ seanchat é féin riamh, ‘an old cat never scorches itself’. 3. Cneá a loscadh, to cauterize a wound. 4. Croí duine a loscadh, to sear s.o.’s heart. ~ an scéal sin mé, that story grieved me sorely. ~ sé a gcroí le tine an Spioraid Naoimh, he inflamed their hearts with the fire of the Holy Spirit. 5. Púdar, urchar, a loscadh, to fire powder, a shot. ~ sé (urchar) linn, he fired (a shot) at us. Ná ~ do phúdar, save your fire. Ag loscadh mionn, bréag, volleying forth oaths, lies.
Ó loisc tú an choinneal loisc an t-orlach, as you have gone so far with it finish it.
Tine nach loisceann agus nach ngorann, a fire that neither burns nor warms.
Loisc tú do ghual is ní dhearna tú do ghoradh, ‘you burned out your charcoal and failed to fire your metal’, you bungled matters.
Ag loscadh agus ag ~, burning and slaying.
~ loiscthe, burnt offering.
~ buaile, foot-rot (in cattle).
~ croí, cléibh, heartache.
~ daighe, heartburn.
~ gréine, sunburn.
~ laisce, sting of lash.
~ sléibhe, wildfire.
~ triomaigh, parching of land, of crops, by drought.
~ mailíseach, malicious burning, arson.
~ orthu! Bad scran to them!
Dó, loscadh, neantóige, nettle sting.
1. ~ loiscthe, refined gold.
~ agus loscadh, suffocation and burning.
Loisc an ~ na barra, the drought parched the crops.
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