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lorg1, m. (gs. as s. loirg, as vn. ~tha; npl. loirg, gpl. ~). 1. vn. of lorg2. 2. Mark, print; trace, track; course. (a)~ coise, crúibe, foot-, hoof-, print. ~ fiacaile, scine, tooth-, knife-, mark. ~ rotha, wheel-track. ~ buille, mark of blow. ~ fola, trace of blood. ~ toite, smoke-stain. ~ dóite, brand of burning. Tá ~ na ndeor ar do leiceann, your cheek is tear-stained. ~ láimhe, imprint of hand; handiwork. Aithním ~ a láimhe, I recognize his handiwork. Tá ~ a láimhe ar an litir, the letter is in his handwriting. Bhí ~ an óil air, he showed signs of drink. Níl ~ an tí féin ann anois, not even a trace of the house now remains. ~ a fhágáil ar rud, to leave a mark on sth. Is iomaí tír ar fhág siad ~ a gcos inti, they left their footprints in many lands. (b)~ ainmhí, animal’s track. ~ ruda a chur, to track sth.; to seek out sth. Chuir mé ~ an scéil, I traced the story. Níor chuir sé bonn ná ~ air, he made no effort to find out about it. Níl bonn ná ~ orthu, there is neither track nor trace of them. ~ a bheith agat ar rud, to be in quest of sth. Níl ~ mór ar rudaí mar sin, things like that are not much sought after. ~ a leanúint, to follow a track. Lean sé ~ a shinsear, he followed in the footsteps of his ancestors. Dá leanfá ~ na seanleabhar, if you were to follow the pattern of the old books. An fear nach leanann ~ Dé, the man who walks not in the ways of God. A ~ thar lear, their path across the sea. (c)Ar ~, in the track of; in pursuit of; following after, succeeding; along the course of. Dul ar ~ ruda, to go on the track of sth.; to go in search of sth. Tá siad ar do ~, they are after you, looking for you. Ar ~ eolais, looking for information. Lean sé ar ~ a athar, he followed in his father’s footsteps. Ar ~ a dhaoine roimhe, like his people before him. Ar ~ na n-aspal, in apostolic succession. Bhí siad ina ríthe ar a ~, they came after him as kings. Dul ar ~ do chúil, to go backwards. Tugadh amach ar ~ a chos é, he was brought out feet foremost. (d)I ~, after, following. Agus paidir eile ina ~, and another prayer to follow it. 3. Succession, progeny. Duine gan ~, person without issue. Ní raibh ~ ar bith air, he left no descendants. 4. (a) Rear, rearguard. Bheith i ~, to be in the rear. Dochar loirg, harrying of the rear. S.a. sciath11(b).(b) Troop, company. 5. Cú, gadhar, loirg, tracker dog. Talamh loirg, land formerly cultivated. Iomaire loirg, fallow ridge. Ag rómhar loirg, levelling out ridges.
lorg2, v.t. & i. (vn. ~m, gs. & pp. ~tha).Track, trace; seek, search for. 1. Ag ~ sna coillte, tracking in the woods. Stáisiún ~tha, tracking station. 2. Obair a ~, to look for work. Cuideachta a ~, to seek company. Ag ~ trioblóide, courting trouble. Ag ~ pléisiúir, in pursuit of pleasure. Rud a ~ ar dhuine, to ask s.o. for sth. Cad tá á ~ agat? What are you after? (Var:~air)
Aithním lorg a láimhe, I know his handwriting.
A bhun is a lorg a chur, to trace the why and the wherefore of it.
Níor chuir mé a bhun ná a lorg, I made no effort to trace it, made no inquiry whatever about him.
I ndiaidh, ar lorg, do chinn, head foremost.
Ag ~adh na tíre ar a lorg, combing out the country in search of him.
Chíorláil sé an teach ar a lorg, he ransacked the house for it.
Tá lorg, rian, a choda air, he has a well-fed look about him.
Lorg, boladh, a chur, to follow a trail, a scent.
Ag lorg an ghadhair is gan tásc a dhatha agat, doing something without knowing what it is about.
Ar lorg a deiridh, sternways.
Chuaigh sí ar lorg a ~, she went to try her fortune, to seek her prospects in marriage.
~ a iarraidh, a lorg, to seek information.
~ a lorg, to curry favour.
Lorg a fhágáil ar rud, to leave a trace on sth.
Chuir mé an sliabh i bh~ ar a lorg, I searched, looked, all round the mountain for them.
Ag ~ ar lorg gaoithe, whistling for a wind; passing the time in idleness.
~ a lorg, a thabhairt, to seek, give, information (of what is going on).
1. D’fhortún a lorg, a thriail, to seek, try, one’s fortune.
Is fada ~ a shiúil mé ar a lorg, I travelled far and near in search of it.
~ ar a lorg, close on his tracks.
Aithním a ~, lorg a láimhe, I recognize his handwriting.
Lorg do shinsear a ~úint, to follow in the footsteps of one’s ancestors.
Ar lorg a ~ roimhe, like the people who came before him.
Ag ~ ar lorg éisc, seeking surfaced fish by their phosphorescent light.
An ~ a chailleadh ag lorg na pingine, penny wise, pound foolish.
~ thar lorg a thabhairt d’arm, to cover the retreat of an army.
Ag lorg an tsochair, looking for a bargain.
Dá ~fá an leabhar ar a lorg, if you were to ransack the book for it.
~ lorgtha, tracking-station.
~í a lorg, to invite tenders.
Thaistil mé an leabhar ar a lorg, I went all through the book looking for it.
Thángamar orthu de lorg a dtaoibh, we took them on the flank.
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