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mearbhall, m. (gs. -aill).1. Bewilderment, confusion, wandering. ~ a chur ar dhuine, to bewilder s.o. Tháinig ~ air, he got confused. Tá sé ag déanamh mearbhaill dom, it perplexes, worries, me. ~ intinne, aigne, céille, mental aberration. Tá ~ dí air, he is fuddled with drink. Bheith ar ~, to be wandering, astray; to be confused, dazed. S.a. fóidín, urchar. 2. Dizziness, giddiness. Tá ~ i mo cheann, my head is reeling. 3. Error, mistake. Bhí ~ cuntais orm, I was out in my calculations. Chuaigh sé ar ~ sa chomhaireamh, he went wrong in the count. Mura bhfuil ~ orm, unless I am mistaken. Is beag dá mhearbhall atá ort, well you know it. (Var:mearathal m)
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