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Similar words: coille · doille · goille · maille · máille
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moille could be a grammatical form of: mall » · moill »
moille1. 1. f. (gs. ~).(a) Slowness, lateness. Tá a choiscéim ag dul i ~, he is getting slow of step. Bhí an lá ag dul i ~, it was getting late in the day. (b)~ radhairc, dimness of vision. 2 :mall. (Var. of 1:~acht f)
moille2 :moill1.
~ moille, time lag.
Dhá dtrian moille le ~, more haste less speed.
Ar ~ nó ar moille, sooner or later.
Rud a chur chun ~e, to delay, postpone, sth.
Ní tráth ~e é, there is no time for dallying; the matter brooks no delay.
Aga ~e, time lag.
Ar thoradh ~e, after some delay, at length.
Gan ~ moille, without much delay.
An ~ is luaithe, is moille, at the earliest, latest.
Ar thoradh moille, after some delay, after a while.
Ní ~ moille é, it is no time for delay.
Gan a thuilleadh moille, without further delay.
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